China Rising

President Trump has promised an expansion of trade trade and putting America first. But China President Xi Jinping.. has his own plan to put China first — and it’s already working. We […]

Duterte’s Way

President Trump arrives in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, today.. the last stop in his Southeast Asian trip. There he will meet another unconventional President, reviled internationally by some. but extremely […]


Yesterday, we honored Veterans Day. Our troops have fought in all parts of the world where monuments stand to acknowledge their service and sacrifice. In Manila this summer, we found one interesting […]

South China Sea

Antonio Carpio is a Supreme Court Justice in the Philippines. A man who has played David to China’s Goliath in an international dispute in the South China Sea. Antonio Carpio: There was […]

China Challenge

Sharyl: In simple terms, what is the U.S. beef with China? Peter Morici: China doesn’t play by the rules, whether it’s trades, security issues, what have you. It’s violating its neighbor’s sovereignty […]