The New Front

It’s hard to believe, but we are now 16 years into the Global War on Terror. Today, there are some signs of success in the Middle East against the Islamic extremists known as ISIS. U.S. and coalition forces have retaken Iraq’s capital, Mosul, from ISIS hands. And the terrorists are losing ground in Syria. But knocking down ISIS in one spot, means their battled-hardened fighters are turning up in new places you probably haven’t heard much about. That happened this summer, when ISIS-linked insurgents joined established Islamic extremists in the Philippines. We went to southeast Asia and the islands of the southern Philippines region of Mindanao… where kidnappings, firefights and the threat of terrorism is growing.

These tropical islands and pristine beaches disguise a dangerous reality.

After our nighttime arrival, in a province named Mindanao, in the southern Philippines,

we’re riding in a caravan guarded by armed security forces

Mindanao is the target of US State Department warnings due to terrorist fighting and kidnappings.

Sharyl Attkisson:This is Zamboanga City which is under martial law as the country attempts to contain Islamic extremist violence which has been bubbling up recently.

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