China Rising

President Trump has promised an expansion of trade trade and putting America first. But China President Xi Jinping.. has his own plan to put China first — and it’s already working. We traveled to three countries in Southeast Asia.. South Korea, the Philippines and Singapore.. to find out about the Chinese initiative called One Belt One Road. It may be the biggest threat of its kind to America — that you’ve never heard about.

Our first stop, Singapore. The ships at harbor stretch to the horizon. The port’s key position at the Strait of Malacca has made Singapore rich. The Strait of Malacca is a crucial shortcut between India and Asia. Economically and strategically, one of the most important shipping lanes on the planet. Which makes Singapore critical to China’s new plan to dominate the world economy. China calls it One Belt, One Road.

Chan Heng Chee: And they just took.

Chan Heng Chee is Singapore’s Ambassador at Large.

Sharyl Attkisson: Is what China is doing the biggest global outreach by any country, you think, of all time?

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