Manila Memorial

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis recently said, “The tragedy of war is well enough known.. ” Generals are sometimes the last to press for war, partly because they know the human cost. When we were reporting in Southeast Asia, we found a little known resting place for Americans, that stands as a symbol of the toll that wars take.

In the middle of the Philippine capital of Manila, 152 acres of sacred ground.

Bobby Bell: This is the Manila American Cemetery and Memorial. The sheer magnitude this is again such a big site, the biggest that we maintains outside the us of a, the battles that took place in the Pacific, the biggest battlefield ever in the history of the United States are all represented here.These are laza marble headstones from the.

Bobby Bell oversees the Manila American Cemetery for the American Battle Monuments commission. The commission is a US federal agency that preserves and protects the hallowed ground where America’s war heroes are buried around the world. In this case, those who died in the Pacific theatre during World War II.

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