Yesterday, we honored Veterans Day. Our troops have fought in all parts of the world where monuments stand to acknowledge their service and sacrifice. In Manila this summer, we found one interesting and lasting legacy, that is still in service.

Towards the end of WW2, the battle of Manila in the Philippines was a savage, month-long fight to drive out the Japanese. It was the bloodiest urban battle of the Pacific campaign. And left a city once known as the Pearl of the Orient in ruins.

Ultimately, the U.S. Army was victorious and left in Manila were hundreds of American Jeeps. Rebuilding Manila would take years and the Jeep, just like the city, was transformed into something totally new.

The jeepney, an extended body Jeep that acts as a passenger bus. Necessity and creativity, along with spare parts from wherever, form an urban commuter service that has survived decades. As colorful as the individual owner and as unique and chaotic as the city itself.

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