“ New York City made me smile” Moments p1

Another “NYC made me smile moment”…

You never know who is going to “make your day”..

As I walked down the street in Manhattan, I passed an African American homeless man, who as I passed happened to shout out, “Mabuhay” followed by “Salamat” (both Filipino words- Hello and Thank you).. I had no plans on stopping but as I kept walking, the randomness of it all made me turn around and walk back to him. Given that I have a face that no one seems to ever guess is Filipino, he could not possibly have known…could he? 

Anyway I reached into my coin purse and started pulling out some loose change. He looked straight into my eyes, with a huge smile, and said “Thank you very much. That is very kind of you.” I fumbled as I tried to find more coins and as I emptied the rest into his hands, I blurted “I am sorry I don’t have more.”. 

“Its not the amount but the thought” he said, followed by ” Have a nice day!”

And as I walked away again, he shouted , “Remember… you are one in a million!”

I am still smiling.