“ New York City made me smile” Moments p1

Another “NYC made me smile moment”…

A moment I will remember forever..

I was in a taxi, on my phone, not paying particular attention to my Haitian driver, when all of a sudden I witnessed a moment I will remember forever.

We pull up near an intersection and the driver stops the car and rolls down the window. I see that we have stopped in front of what looked like a teenage girl, standing in the middle of the street, asking for money. He says to her, “I am going to give you money , but I have to tell you something. “

“Whatever made you leave, whatever you ran from, remember that there is still someone who always loves you and worries about you, and they will be happy to have you back home..” 

Both touched by this kind gesture and intrigued, I ask the driver what made him do that. He said “Kids are funny – sometimes they take one step in the wrong direction and they somehow don’t know how to go back the other way. They need to remember that someone will always care..”