“ New York City made me smile” Moments p3

Another “NYC made me smile moment”…

This made my insides smile..


An elderly Indian lady gets off a long airplane flight and is feeling weak. She is helped onto the airport transport bus but the seats are full- there is one man sitting but he does not get up. An African lady with a little boy, about 3-4 years old, gives her seat up, leaving her child sitting next to the elderly lady. Its clear that the child is really tired and having trouble staying awake on his own. Suddenly the lady looks at the mother, smiles, and reaches her arm out towards the little boy in comfort, nudging him into the crook of her arm so he has a place to rest and cuddle into a nap. I imagine some might find this loving gesture from a stranger a bit unnerving- but the little boy’s mother looked relieved. Nice to see that mothering is universal and without boundaries..