“ New York City made me smile” Moments p3

Another “NYC made me smile moment”…

Spring on the streets of NYC..

I was riding through midtown the day after I had arrived in Manhattan, not particularly paying attention to my surroundings as I was checking emails on my phone. Suddenly, the driver said aloud “Wow, that’s beautiful”. We were at a stoplight on Park Avenue in the 50’s and I looked up and around me, trying to figure out what made the driver excited enough to break the silence. I followed his gaze and looked left- looking down one of the cross streets and saw lots of buildings (and people walking, cars honking) in the distance- it was pretty in the afternoon light but nothing super special.
So I looked up, down, and around again, completely puzzled… Then suddenly I got smart -I looked at what was right in front of me!

When I stopped laughing at myself, I grabbed the phone and took a photo.. 

Taxi wisdom- “Sometimes what you really need to see, really is right in front of you…”